Technology-Driven Major Donor Acquisition

The Atticus® platform harnesses technology to match, connect, and engage your non-profit with major donors who are ready, willing, and able to fully fund your great endeavor. Atticus is a smarter way to do good.

“I've never seen anything like this platform. Atticus has the potential to be a game changer in raising new major gifts.”

Terry L. Hales, Executive Vice CAOAtrium Health, Wake Forest Baptist Health, Wake Forest School of Medicine

The key to securing new major gifts is finding new major donors that are highly aligned to your mission, vision, and values.

We provide the insights needed for your organization to find the right major donors at the right time so you can get your fundraisers back to fundraising.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a large fundraising team, how can you help?

Large fundraising teams spend a lot of time curating data about donors. Atticus eliminates those steps, providing the accurate and relevant data that allows your fundraising team to focus on curating relationships and raising large gifts.

Where do your surfaced prospects come from?

Our U.S. based prospects are surfaced from many sources using millions of data points – more than a human would ever be able to curate. The prospects we provide your team will include new donors to your organization as well as existing donors or volunteers (via data provided by your organization) that have a higher capacity to give than they currently are.

How long does it take to get started?

It typically takes about 30 days from the start of the onboarding process until you receive your first prospects.

What types of non-profits do you work with?

We work with non-profits of all shapes and sizes, although we typically only partner with clients that are needing to raise a minimum of $10M.

Join other forward-looking non-profits to harness the power of technology to match, connect, and engage with major donors.

Join us in unlocking new major funding.

Most non-profits have three challenges:

  1. Finding new major donors.
  2. Engaging new major donors.
  3. Closing new major gifts.

That’s why we built Atticus – to provide a smarter way to do good, so that your people can focus on building relationships with the new major donors most aligned to your organization.

We’ve helped match thousands of major donors to non-profits and would love to learn how we can help you fully fund your great endeavor.